Stories of Pennsylvania

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Published by American Book Company, 1897. 

From the preface...

This volume is a series of sketches, taken chiefly from our unwritten history,
but typifying almost every important phase of our growth.

Most of the sketches deal with colonial life, because the individual, the hero, for whom the young have most regard, grows less prominent in the increasingly complex social and institutional life of the state. The reader will prize all the more his own rich social, political, educational, and religious environment after be-coming familiar with the struggles of an ancestry not so highly favored. The complex life of to-day will be more clearly comprehended from a view of the initial forces producing it. 

The illustrations are almost without exception historically correct. Many of them are for the first time presented to the public. In their preparation the authors owe a debt of gratitude to Julius F. Sachse of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, whose wide acquaintance with the history of our commonwealth is abundant proof of their value.