Esquire ~ The Soul of America: The People, Places, And Spirit Of A Great Nation

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Wolfe, Tom; Kesey, Ken; Plimpton, George; and various other authors; Eisenberg, Lee (Preface); Moffat, Phillip Moffat (Foreword). New York: Charles Scribners & Sons, 1986. First Edition. First Printing. '1' is present in the number line. Condition (Book/DJ): Fine/Fine.

"The text was previously published in the June 1985 edition of Esquire Magazine." viii+298p. american history. politics. travel. american culture. regional americana. journalism. ~ In search of the vital elements of America's character, the editors of Esquire magazine dispatched the country's finest journalists and literary figures to a select number of uniquely American locales to discover the pulse that gives life to each of these communities. The essays comprising The Soul of America are those writers' insights and observations, creating a fascinating odyssey through the incredible diversity of the national spirit. Humble and grandiose, profound and entertaining aspects of our culture are juxtaposed. Here is Tom Wolfe exposing in his inimitable way the stupendously high prices of the most exclusive and highly coveted apartment buildings in Manhattan; while in another essay William Kennedy profiles the 81~year career of an Albany oyster~shucker named Jack. Ken Kesey celebrates a surprisingly spiritual world~class rodeo in a small Oregon town; and George Plimpton lauds the glories of a tiny Nebraska fireworks museum and its unforgettable owner. All the fine writers in this volume David Halberstam, Sally Quinn, Guy Martin, Bob Greene, and many more~bring a keen eye for the telling detail behind essential character of person and place, as well as a genuine appreciation for the quirky and colorful that is the heartbeat of American life. The Soul of America offers a singular commentary on the meaning of place the place we are born in, that follows us. and helps make us who we are. contributors = William Kennedy. Goeffrey Norman. Ken Kesey. Michael M. Thomas. Jane Howard. Guy Martin. Douglas Bauer. Art Harris. David Halberstam. Lynn Darling. John Ed Bradley. John Rothschild. Tom Wolfe. Bob Greene. Charlie Haas. Peter Davis. Joe Kane. Joyce Wadler. David Quammen. George Plimpton. Joe Klein. C.D.B. Bryan. Sally Quinn. George Leonard. Bill Barich.