The Works of Joseph Conrad (Medallion Edition, 21 vols)

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Conrad, Joseph. The Works of Joseph Conrad. London: The Gresham Publishing Co. Ltd., 1925 - 1928. 8vo. Near-fine set overall in publisher's cloth binding. Tight bindings with bright interiors. Illustrated with a photogravure to frontispiece to all volumes. Twenty-one volume of a twenty-two volume set, originally published in twenty volumes (1925) but with two volumes added later (1927) Suspense [present], and Tales of Hearsay [absent].

The contents of the set include: Volume I: Almayer's Folly, A Story of an Eastern River; Volume II. An Outcast of the Islands; Volume III: The Nigger of the Narcissus, A Tale of the Sea; Volume IV: Lord Jim; Volume V: The Inheritors, An Extravagant Story (by J. Conrad and F. M. Hueffer); Volume VI: Youth, a narrative, and two other stories; Volume VII: Romance, A Novel (by J. Conrad and F. M. Hueffer); Volume VIII: Nostromo, A Tale of the Seaboard; Volume IX: The Mirror of the Sea, Memories and Impressions; Volume X: The Secret Agent, A Simple Tale'; Volume XI: A Set of Six; Volume XII: Under Western Eyes; Volume XIII: 'Twixt Land and Sea Tales; Volume XIV: Chance, A Tale in Two Parts; Volume XV: Victory, An Island Tale; Volume XVI: The Shadow-Line, A Confession; Volume XVII: The Arrow of Gold, A Story Between Two Notes; Volume XVIII: The Rescue, A Romance of the Shallows; Volume XIX: Notes on Life and Letters; Volume XX: The Rover; and Volume XXI: Suspense, A Napoleonic Novel.

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Joseph Conrad (born Jzef Teodor Konrad Nalecz Korzeniowski) (1857 - 1924) was a Polish author who wrote in English, after settling in England. Conrad is regarded as one of the great novelists in English, though he did not speak the language fluently until he was in his twenties. He wrote stories and novels, often with a nautical setting, that depict trials of the human spirit in the midst of an indifferent universe. He was a master prose stylist who brought a distinctly non-English tragic sensibility into English literature While some of his works have a strain of romanticism, he is viewed as a precursor of modernist literature. His narrative style and anti-heroic characters have influenced many authors, including D. H. Lawrence, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner, Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell, Graham Greene, Malcolm Lowry, William Golding, William S. Burroughs, Joseph Heller, Italo Calvino, Gabriel Garca Mrquez, J. G. Ballard, John le Carr, V.S. Naipaul, Hunter S. Thompson, J.M. Coetzee and Salman Rushdie. Writing in the heyday of the British Empire, Conrad drew on his native Poland's national experiences and on his personal experiences in the French and British merchant navies, to create short stories and novels that reflect aspects of a European-dominated world, while also plumbing the depths of the human soul.